Welcome to our Chill Out Hostel in Salvador da Bahia. We're perfectly located between the two Barra beaches: Farol da Barra and Porto da Barra. A short walk to the Seafront where you can enjoy a warm ocean's NATURAL pool made by Mother Nature having cute little fish and turtles as your company.

The Brazilian owner is proud to have a year-round constant stream of international backpackers into Barra Guest Hostel, which is located in a pleasant residential area of Barra. She believes the number of guests, which averages around 22, is the perfect amount to create a good social environment whilst also being able to know each guest individually and give them their best attention. Originally started and certified as a 'pousada', the building itself was later converted into a hostel full of colonial features and the owner is proud to maintain the same standards of cleanliness and service today.

At the hostel's heart is a large lounge where daily complimentary caipirininhas bring guests together at 7pm to mingle and plan the night's events. On a charming residential street in the safest district of Salvador (Barra), you have everything you need in a walking distance: Bus stops, Groceries, Banks, Drugstores and...Beach!! No need to take a bus to go to the beach, only a short stroll!! Staying at the Barra Guest Hostel, you're choosing to stay at the heart of Barra called 'Jardim Brasil'. In our street there are no buses running so No polution and No noise. The best Portuguese courses are in an walking distance. You have the best options to learn Portuguese.